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We’ve migrated our blog to our main site http://www.xero-error.com/xblog Please check there for all future updates on Xero Error.

Thanks a mil & sorry for any inconvenience!

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The Story behind Xero Error

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xe_blog_synopsisIn the future Artificial intelligence [AI] is superceded by Natural intelligence [NI]. 

 The story centers on XE7, a cyborg on a spiritual journey who discovers the unknown. He begins to realize that things in recorded history contradict with facts he has observed in real life and begins to open up his mind to the supernatural. He finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, at a major crime scene, leading him to a Cyber-terrorism scandal and trouble with FACET – The First Authority in Cyber Espionage and Terrorism. Packaged as a slick, futuristic thriller, the compelling storyline keeps you guessing till the end. Will logic overcome belief? Find out in Xero Error slated for release late 2009.

Short. Genre Science Fiction. Run time 20 min.

An Xpanse CGI Production

Directed by Ashraf Ghori.





Codename Xero Error

Cyborg / Time Messenger

First Cyborg which uses ‘Natural Intelligence’ (A new concept being introduced in this film which is the next generation advancement for ‘Artificial’ Intelligence).  This NI enables Xero to adopt human concepts like fate, destiny & the unknown.  Xero has a skin which can mimic any surroundings or display advertisments, using micro displays. 



[ First Authority in Cyber Espionage and Terrorism ] 

A mulitple personality program. FACET’s personalities  include Interrogator, Psycho analyst, In Charge of National Secutiy, Judge & Executioner .



Xero’s Backup Assistant, part of Xero’s Time travel experiment team, who remains hidden in this story, but will have a more prominent role in future stories.



Xero’s Time Navigator, part of Xero’s Time travel experiment team, who remains hidden in this story, but will have a more prominent role in future stories.



Xero’s Time Travel Program Controller, who remains hidden in this story, but will have a more prominent role in future stories.



Small hovering robots whose main function is to record Xero’s interrogation session. They also extract data from Xero & display it on virtualscreens.



A major corporation of the future responsible for the time travel program to record lost history. It will also bring about the first Natural IntelligenceCyborg and the Mandatory RFID Law.

XE7 gets a part time job at Dexter’s

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James Mohan from St. Paul, Minneapolis sends us a cool new entry for the Art of Xero Error Competition.

James says: ‘This is based on my comic strip, DEXTER’S. Dexter’s is the name of the fast-food restaurant where my characters work. Harold (a ram) is the one in the XE7 costume. Homer (a dog) is the one behind the counter.’

We wish you the best of luck for the competition, Jim!

For those of you aspiring artists who haven’t yet flexed your muscles, now is your chance to join the Competition and get instant recognition & the chance to win fame & fortune [ well maybe not a fortune but cool prizes anyway! ] Send in you entries to info@x-panse.com. Last date of entries August 15 2009!

Xero Error, now a tweet away

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xe_blog_twitterWhen it comes to friends and staying in personal contact the Xero Error team is never far away. Now you can reach us real time on twitter! Get updates on the fly and let us know what you have to say… we welcome your comments, crits and suggestions. 


The channel will be maintained by Pardeep Bains, our publicist from the UK. You can also find our crew here: 

Ashraf Ghori [Director]  http://twitter.com/AshrafGhori 

Mohammad Mondal [Production Manager] http://twitter.com/mohammadmondal

Xero Error on Adwomenme.com

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Xero Error Director Ashraf Ghori interview featured on Adwomenme.com, Excerpt : 

Conversation with Ashraf Ghori: Pioneering the Middle East’s first sci-fi animation film

With the entertainment and content markets in the Middle East maturing, we’re slowly seeing the emergence of original content. This is the first in a series of articles with regional content producers that examine the growth and future for these industries in the region.

We also look at the relevance and opportunities for advertising and marketing within this spectrum, identifying our role in spearheading popular culture movements for brands, through these platforms….

Read the full interview here:


XE7 lends a helping hand in Glasgow, Scotland

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Helen Mckeown,  a cartoonist, writer, webcomic creator and a friend of XE7 from Glasgow Scotland, sends us this delightful entry for the Art of Xero Error Competition.

Visit Helen at facebook Comic Con:



The Art of Xero Error Competition is now on & accepting entries until August 15 2009. 

Details on the competition here:  https://xeroerror.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/the-art-of-xero-error-competition/

Or Download  the guidelines in PDF Format here

XE7 spotted at Facebook Comic Con Gala Premiere

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Eric Peyron,  producer and writer of RAGE WEB SITE [ http://www.ragewebsite.com ] a collaborative online publication project, was lucky to catch XE7 at the Facebook Comic Con Gala Premiere March 12 2009. Here’s a group shot of him, XE7 & FBCC Creator Michael Netzer. This is his submission for the Art of Xero Error Competition which is now on & accepting entries until August 15 2009. 

Details on The Art of Xero Error Competition here:  https://xeroerror.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/the-art-of-xero-error-competition/

Or Download  the guidelines in PDF Format here