Team Xero : Focus on Michael Netzer


Xero Error Facebook Group Honorary Member Michael Netzer recently launched a fantastic new group on Facebook which managed to bring together some of the best talents in the world into one dynamic community. The rapidly emerging ‘Facebook Comic Con’ is quickly gaining cult status.  Michael is a comic book industry veteran with art credits at Marvel & DC Comics, contributing to titles such as Detective Comics, Batman, Armageddon, Legends of the Dark Knight, Huntress, Comet, The Shadow, among others too numerous to list here.  We thank Michael for actively supporting Xero Error and spreading the word on our film.

I had a chance to talk to him online & wanted to share this rare insight with all of you:


Ashraf Ghori : How did Facebook Comic Con come about?

Michael Netzer : I was inadvertently drawn into Facebook by a group of local friends. Once joined, I was overwhelmed by friend requests from acquaintances in the comics community. I quickly found a vast representation of the comics world registered, including a near endless growing array of fan and professional pages and groups. In my present unemployed artist state, I found myself thinking about all this. In looking at how this community can somehow be enhanced, it struck me that Facebook tools such as Notes, Groups, Events… and the well engineered inter connectivity mechanisms are very conducive to housing a virtual comics convention. I first tested it with a group page, without much of a long range plan. It received 700 registrants on the first day. It’s been growing steadily since and in our third week we’re nearing 2000 members. It’s a very phenomenal response, which itself is what’s shaping its ongoing construction.



Ashraf Ghori :How does it fit into your long range goals and what do you see FBCC leading to?

Michael Netzer : The way world resources, and these of the comics community, are becoming divided, it might be safe to say that a majority of creators, fans and even simple people are being inadvertently pushed outside of the loop, as far as the limited corporate enterprises are willing to share of their success with the world community. It is a by-product of a free capitalist ideology where everyone has the right to succeed and is not obligated to consider anyone else’s benefit along the way. This has left too many good people outside of the ability to participate in mainstream ventures. But the advent of the internet is helping strike a return balance in this arena. The nature in which Facebook Comic Con is developing sees a greater participation by the younger more disenfranchised set, while more of the established icons tend to be somewhat reluctant to join, at least in the beginning. What not everyone is grasping here is the powerful influence of such a vast PR network on actual marketing potential. This is why I suggest that everyone who can do so now should join FBCC at this early stage. It gives its members a growing resource intended to help them reap an economic benefit down the line. It is not simply another group on Facebook. By its very nature, it holds a large appeal as a unique venture utilizing existing web tools, with little to no fiscal investment, in order to establish a vast marketing force in the hard-copy real word. This can also be seen in how you’ve promoted Xero Error on Facebook and your enthused participation in FBCC. It’s the spirit with which a project of such fabulous aspirations as Xero Error is gaining notoriety and critical acclaim. It is exactly the spirit of the new web generation.


Where is it leading to? Well, I’ve never kept secret the long range goals I see for the comics medium relative to world culture and our progressive evolution as a civilization. I’ve come back down to earth over the years and look for practical ways to advance these goals. This particular escapade with Facebook seems to be opening a door towards them which had not existed before. For now, I’m satisfied with moving it along at a steady growing pace. Though I would not rule out the possibility that Facebook Comic Con may provide a vehicle for the voice of comics fandom, or if you will, the voice of the people. A vehicle which can command a market share in the economic arena and one which will steadily bring more creators, media artists and prominent concerned personalities into its fold. A new union of expression and statesmanship, if you will.

When The Comic Book Creators’ Party web site was published 4 years ago, most industry voices said that America isn’t ready for such a message of world peace and prosperity. That the socio-political reality doesn’t allow for it. But here we are today with an America which recently elected exactly such a message by Barak Obama. I would not hesitate to suggest that a union of comics and media creators is today closer than ever towards being able to put forth a credible platform of leadership and statesmanship on the world stage. In the meantime however, we seem to have our hands full trying to get a virtual comics convention ready for a jubilant premiere. That’s a good enough reason to keep giving it our best effort.

Michael Netzer on Wikipedia

Michael Netzer Official Website

Facebook Comic Con


~ by ashrafghori on February 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Team Xero : Focus on Michael Netzer”

  1. Nice post! Keep it real.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

  2. Thats some cool stuff…heard abt him for the first time from your site…

  3. Hi Michael … just “googled” your name after quite a few years. Found this photo (with the green can – see above), and remembered you drawing it into my holiday-diary back in July 2007. Hope you are still well – and hope to meet you again some day. Sort of planing another Israel-Trip with rucksack + 1 or 2 friends. Greetings from Germany … Holger (the tall German)

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